German Shepherd Welfare & Rescue

Our Welfare Officer is

Jo Tucker

You can contact Jo via:

Phone:  02 9476 2782


Current dogs looking for homes:

Sasha is a 9 year old bitch needing a new home. Her owners are elderly and have had to move and they cannot take her with them.

Sasha is great with people albeit a bit aloof but not good with other dogs or other pets. She is OK with children but we would prefer she go to a home where there are no small children as she is a big girl and she could knock little people over.

Due to her age she needs regular 4 monthly injections for her arthritis but other than that she is in good health for her age. She must have a home where the owners understand the breed and she must be given her own space in the house. She does enjoy being outside as well but due to her arthritis it is best she be inside in the winter.


Indi is a 3 year old beautifully bred bitch looking for her forever home through no fault of her own. She has had a rough trot with her previous owner but since she has been in a wonderful foster home she has come out of her shell, is back to her old self and she has been taught basic obedience and has proven to be a quick learner. She is a big girl and while she is good with children we would prefer she go to a home with adults only. She hates cats so an only home to start with would be best. She must go to a home where the owners are home most of the time and she is not be an outside dog expected to guard while the rest of the family is out all day. It is essential she has an experienced owner who will be able to handle her with a firm but fair hand. Further obedience training at a club would be beneficial.


 AK is another well bred dog aged about 3 who needs an experienced owner. He is a dominant dog and will push boundaries. He must have an owner who is mentally and physically strong and has had plenty of experience. He is great with people but unknown with children and all other pets. He is a stunning long stock coat and has done very well in the show ring. However he is still a young dog and he is very strong so a firm hand is essential.


With all our dogs you must prove that you are capable of taking on a shepherd and therefore must have had plenty of experience. You must be prepared to discuss the type of diet you are prepared to provide and the amount of exercise on a daily basis.  What training  methods you plan to use and if you are going to be prepared to attend an obedience club. Please do not call if you are after a guard dog or if you have not ever had shepherds before. These dogs are very special and sometimes misunderstood. Unfortunately they have been in the wrong hands and they will need a strong understanding experienced owner to put them back on track.

Please contact Jo Tucker if you are interested and you can offer the best forever home for these worthy dogs. If you canít or wonít offer the best home please do not make contact as refusal will offend. We do ask that all our expenses be covered when we Rhome the dogs so there will be a fee payable by  the new owner. They vary between $250 - $650 depending on the age of the dog and the costs already incurred. The costs are generally deseeding, vaccination, kennelling, and other vet work.

Happy Endings

Dogs with new families

Esme a former cruelty case Jan with her 2 rescue girls
Lucky, a badly neglected boy now in a
loving home
The beautiful Xena, a 2yr old rescue girl

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