German Shepherd Welfare & Rescue

German Shepherd Dogs available to experienced loving homes. 
Many of these dogs have been surrendered by their owners or abandoned at pounds.
All the dogs are desexed, vaccinated, and  wormed before they go to their new homes


Tia is a beautifully bred 18 month old bitch who has been left to her own devices in the family’s back yard. She has not received nearly enough socialising with people or other dogs and is rarely exercised or even take out of the back yard. Consequently she will jump up on anyone entering the back yard which is not acceptable to her owners and so she has to find another home. She is a very pretty girl with a lovely nature but is over exuberant. She will need an experienced owner who is prepared to work with her and get her back to where she should be. She comes from wonderful herding obedience and showing lines and deserves the best home. She will reward her new owners with love and loyalty and she could easily become a very successful titled obedience dog. She has proven she does not cope in a yard with no company and so please do not contact me if you just want either a guard dog or a companion for your current dog while you all work full time. Because she has not been given the right start she is not good with other dogs or pets and at the moment she is over the top with children as well. An only home with an experienced couple or a family with older teenagers would be fine for Tia but someone must be home with her most of the time. Otherwise she will become destructive and noisy and that is not fair on her or the neighbourhood!  Please call me if you can offer Tia a loving forever home.

Ben is a 5 year old beautifully bred boy who has been neglected. He is however showing that he has not been affected by lack of socialisation, training or even a decent diet as he is not shy or timid . He is already learning his basic commands but he is a resource guarder so we need a home where the owner is either an ex police dog handler, a GSD trainer or better still a GSD behaviourist. He has never been set any boundaries and so he does not know right from wrong or what we consider acceptable behaviour. He is fine with bigger dogs but not good with small dogs or any other pets. I would not want him to go to a home with any children or even older teenagers. He must be slowly but surely introduced to society as he could be overwhelmed and go back into his shell. He is not a fearful dog but I wouldn’t like his new owners to have too many expectations straightaway. Once he has bonded he will be a wonderful loyal companion and will reward the new owner with love and loyalty. Please do not call me if you are not experienced and do not meet the above criteria.

If you are interested in a rescue dog, please contact
Jo Tucker
on Ph 9476 2782 or email
for further information.

“Photos of the dogs will be emailed upon request”

Happy Endings

Dogs with new families

Esme a former cruelty case Jan with her 2 rescue girls
Lucky, a badly neglected boy now in a
loving home
The beautiful Xena, a 2yr old rescue girl

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