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The German Shepherd Dog has a great following worldwide and is a very versatile, all-round companion dog. They are used by the armed services and police for protection, tracking, rescue work; for herding and as a guide dog for the blind.

However, the vast majority are owned by Shepherd enthusiasts as beloved family pets.

We hope to give you some understanding of the background of the breed's history and what the German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc can offer you in regards to training and general care of your Shepherd.

The GSDL of NSW and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) have been established to promote the breeding, exhibition and overall improvement of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia.


Tracing Lost Dogs 
For information if you find a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog


Members and their dogs at the League stand,

promoting our breed,

Dogs NSW Dogs on Show, June 2015





Next Event:


Members are advised of a very sad week for our fraternity with the passing of Lorraine Spalding of Sarazo kennels and also Helen Galbraith of Elbasco kennels.

Please contact the Secretary for funeral details for either long term member.


5th June

Weekend Show Handling class

11th June

Dogs on Show

13th June

General Meeting

18th June

GSDL Open and Sanction Shows and Obedience Trial

16th/17th July

State Breed Assessment

The GSDL Shop
will be open at all club shows from 9 am to 2 pm. There will be leads, collars and a lot of other items, including a number of items on special available for sale.

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